NYX Lipstick Review!

I don’t usually like spending $22 on lipstick, if I do it’s from MAC, Nars or Tarte cosmetics. A good alternative from these pricier lipsticks is NYX’s lipsticks. The have a good variety of both matte and non matte lipstick for 5 bucks and are long lasting throughout the day. I just wanna show y’all the ones I’ve recently And tell ya how I like them.

Violent Ray, is one of my favorite from NYX because it has a dark burgundy undertone to it, it’s perfect if you want that dark vampy look. This one isn’t matte and I personally think it makes it easier to mess around with for example if you want to add a little ombre and just pencil in a little black eyeliner in the corners of your mouth and work inward and just blend it in. It comes out nice 🙂

Merlot, another one of my favorites and probably most frequently used. In the swatch it looks more pinky but in person it’s actually a lot more purpleish as seen in my side photo on my blog >>> This one is matte but is hands down one of the best.

 Snow white! A pure princess red with a darker touch. I have 1000 shades a red lipsticks and this is one I find slightly similar to the famous MAC Red.

 Indie Flick, For a while now I have been interested in a good coral colored lipstick but I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel about it once I had it. I almost bought one from Tarte but decided against it and went with a cheaper version just in case and kinda glad I did. I absolutely love the color! Today was actually my first day trying it out and I would say it’s definitely for a more finished look.I don’t wear foundation for my everyday makeup but if I ever intended on wearing this again I probably would. Since it’s so bright it brings out a lot in your face so I should probably look more polished. ;~; Also because it is much lighter and brighter and since it’s matter after a while your lips begin to dry and it is more noticeable. Overall I do like it but like I said I would definitely wear it when you have your whole face on and not as just a quick lipstick for the day!