Makeup Alternatives to Foundations: BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers

So first off, tinted moisturizers are my go-to replacements for foundation right now. I used to use foundation from NYX which I actually liked a lot, but I just wanted to feel more natural for my everyday makeup so I switched down to BB creams which I’ll talk about later. I’ve tried many but I don’t have much to hide on my face (acne scars etc the only thing really is color unevenness) so I decided to go a little lighter and try some tinted moisturizer from Benefit that I bought at Ulta. And honestly, it’s the best thing. In all my recent pictures from the past 5 months I’m using either one of these tinted moisturizers. Also! it has SPF 15 in it to help your skin be safe 🙂
Below I swatched both of them and the red is slightly darker, but for my skin tone I can actually use both any day and it blends perfects and matches with the rest of my skin. If you have a tanish or yellow undertone like me then either one will be good for you honestly. It’s just a matter if you want that little tan going :>
Before I started using the tinted moisturizers I bought a BB Cream from Tarte cosmetics in the shade light, and it’s one of the best BB creams I’ve used. You can see in the swatch that it’s super natural looking and has a soft creamy texture to it with SPF 30! It also says its a 12-hour primer, and I find that to hold true with how much I used it. It’s perfect for longer days at school and such, the only reason I stopped using it as much was because I didn’t want to depend so much on “foundations” to make me look decent haha. But it’s honestly perfect! I may start using it again.
Last but not least the Beauty Balm by TooFaced in Vanilla Glow. It’s SPF 20 and a little thicker than the previous BB Cream but at the same time it’s a little more runny and liquidy. I like this BBC but I can’t say I absolutely love it either. The last time I used it I used Benefit’s Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer before and then this over it to get ready for a girls night out and my the end of the night it got a little cakey. It might have been a mixture of other things but I would definitely just wear it on it’s own next time ;~; But as far as I can recall all the other times I’ve used it it served me well, but I would definitely go with Tarte’s BBC over this one.


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