New Purchases! Sephora Editon~

So I stopped by Sephora today and since the Holidays are coming around brands like Tarte, Urban Decay, Benefit, and TooFaced are coming out with new variety pack type things which are super cute and I wanted to check it out. (Remeber to click the images so you can enlarge the image! The quality looks way better and you can see how pretty the colors truly are!)

So the first thing I decided to get is this cute mixed blush/bronzer palette by Tarte. I swatched them and they’re super soft and have such a pretty color to them. They’re all matte except Dazzled has a tiiiniest bit of shimmer to it.The packaging is super cute and come with a little bangle that wraps around the palette.
From left to right: Crave, Dazzled, Darling, Dollface, Park Ave Princess

 Next is this Highlighting Blush by Nars. I’ve seen this a lot when I’ve gone it but never really payed it any attention I honestly thought it was a setting powder but then I though, then why is it with the blushes? So FINALLY I got curious enough and tried it out today and honestly it has the most beautiful color. It’s white, the once you blend it out it has a super nice gold sheen to it and is just super pretty. Really glad I finally tried it out after ignoring it half my life lol.

 So this picture does really do any of the products justice but below I’ve swatched all the products in a gradient way and then went over them with the highlighter blush by Nars. Looks way better in person. Also! I’m wearing the little bangle that came with the Tarte Blush Palette. n.n

Hope you enjoyed ^^