Pumpkin 101!

So today as said in the last post I carved my first pumpkin! Eeeeee. SO, I know 90% of people have done this already and I’m a little late in life but I just wanted to make a post and give ya’ll some of my tips that I would have done differently n.n

First things first, clean out the guts!! It’s all fun and cute at first when you use your hands but honestly just take a spoon and scrape all the gunk out its quicker and not as sticky lol Also I would lay out some old paper or news paper because it does get messy.

 Second, BUY CARVING TOOLS. I wanted to carve Jack Skellington but I messed up his eyes because I was just scraping and stabbing everything with a kitchen knife :< Also, there’s plenty of stencils you can find online if you’re a bad drawer! I decided to go free hand on this one..

 The brows and the eyes kinda just made a giant hole because I stabbed the knife and cut everything too close 🙁 BUT there’s always a way, toothpicks are perfect to piece back up everything that’s fallen! Unfortunately that did nothing for how it came out as a whole lol. Still proud of my little jack though.

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