Dia de los muertos- Day of the Dead

So today my cousins and I went and celebrated Dia de los muertos aka Day of the Dead and went to a festival that’ was being held in Old Town. If you’re in San Diego I would defiantly go! Dia de los muertos is Nov. 1&2 and I think Oct. 31? But as far as I know it’s the 1&2.  For those that don’t know, Dia de los muertos is a Holiday celebrated (all over but basically a Mexican Holiday) to honor family and friends that have passed in your lifetime. The festival had nice altars, build your own Frida flower headbands, you can paint sugar skulls, coffin toys and other cute things.

It was a little warm today so I wore this Geo print dress from f21 with a cage back cut out! It got a little chilly around the evening but we weren’t out that long so all was well

  Also paired with these spice girl-esque sandals I got online from Urban on sale :>

My tickets to paint a mask and make my Frida headband!!

  Here’s how my Frida Flower head band turned out! Cute if you ask me. I payed $10 for the ticket and gave it to the lady. I was able to choose 6 big flowers at the max, and then any number of little flowers (the daisies and lavender flowers) I was a little disappointed I couldn’t fit the black flower I wanted but it’s okay 🙁 Life goes on. Also, it was my first time ever using a hot glue gun n.n

I’m a little sad I didn’t get to see more altars, if you do decide to go I would definitely suggest you go see more than one, they’re all different and each has their own touches. 
I’ll start off by saying my mask didn’t turn out too well lol. It was all cute in theory but when I actually started painting it it was just chaos. I ended up not finishing it and at this moment it’s still chillin on the floor of my car haha. If you want to paint these masks don’t be like me and think you’re all cool and end up getting waaay too ahead of yourself. Start off with larger designs, you can always add! If I were to do anything differently it would have been to maybe paint the entire mask first or just completely leave out the magenta in general. I’m too A.D.D to take the time to do all this detail :<

Overall it was a good time to spend my Friday! I hope you all enjoyed it too :3