Museum of Man-Instruments of Torture

So in Balboa Park there’s plenty to see and a bunch of neat museums! I have to do a report for my Physical Anthropology class so I went to the Museum of Man. Once you walk in you can also purchase tickets to go to the Instruments of Torture which is just across the way from MoM. With Student discount the tickets for MoM by themselves are only $8 and to add the ticket for IoT it would only be $15 altogether. So that’s what we chose and I’m glad we did because it was a super neat exhibit.

Instruments of Torture~

 First, we hit the Instruments of Torture and it’s actually just a large hall filled with remodeled instruments they used to/still use around the world but I noticed a lot were from Italy. Even though some were replicas there were a lot of original pieces and some that had parts that were original to them.

These were iron masks that were used primarily on women when they talked back to a man or did anything that seemed out of their place. After they were put in the middle of the town to be ridiculed and subject to the punishment of the villagers most times :/
At the end we each chose our favorite (worst) for of torture and this is what I chose. Tadaa. I forget what it’s called but basically, you’re put on a spear-like pole and it starts from your butthole and out from under your jaw while you’re still alive 🙁 Not a good time.
Museum of Man~

Next we headed off to the MoM and when you first walk in the first floor is all culture-based artifacts from around the world. I’m not sure if this was a once a year type thing but there was an area for beer! And since it’s Beer Week I wasn’t sure if it was just for that or actually part of the museum. None the less it was there!

Samurai uniform

 The last three are from an Exploring Egypt exhibit upstairs after the Primate/Human Exhibit. The security guard made sure to make a point that all of these ARE REAL artifacts and some date back centuries.

Bb mummy 🙁

 Probably one of my favorites of the day is these shrunken heads from Ecuador. I honestly didn’t know indigenous Ecuadorians did this. To think these baseball-sized heads used to be real people.. and then the little sloth lol.