November’s Ipsy bag!

So I’ve been dead the past couple weeks, I’m not sure why I’ve been so tired even to do blog posts. But I wanted to share some of my favorites from this months Ipsy bag. This one came with a lot it seems like and I love it!
Like I said I’m just sharing my favorites, whats missing is this cute Champagne colors polish by Nailtini, a light bronzer by Pixi, some super hold mini spray can by Treseme, and a bright red lip crayon by Bombshell. 
Now my obvious excitement! A lip gloss for Michelle Phan’s new line em. For a while I’ve been so exciting to buy some of her new products and this was actually on my list! So excited that it was in the package (although not surprised since she’s one of the faces of ipsy)

This is in the shade Pillow Plush and it’s a light tangerinish color, but for me when I apply it not much color transfers on to my lips :/ It has a gel like application and goes on thin, but it just feels thick. I’m glad I didn’t buy this first like I initially intended when her line first dropped. Since everything in the ipsy bags are normally tester sized, I can’t tell if this is the true size of the product or not but I think it is. It came in the original em packaging box. It’s nice and I was super excited about it but I don’t see a reason to go out of my way to buy it for how much it is :/ Sorry Michelle 🙁

 Next is this sweet silver eyeliner pencil. I think the reason I like this so much is because the first thing that came to mind is Pistol from t he Naked 2 palette. I think paired together it’d look pretty bad ass :3 Super smooth application too, gotta love it.