November Favorites~

A little late but I’m finally doing my November favorites!! One of my favorite months, it finally gets chilly in San Diego plus the beards come out to play :3 When I think of November, I think browns and warmth so I have a few things that kinda revolve around this feel.

First is this illuminator by Calvin Klein. I decided to try this out because I have a thing with illuminators and I like them a lot. I also got this at Ulta and it’s actually pretty decent. I would put it on before you actually apply your blush and bronzer because it is very liquidy and tends to take away from your makeup. But overall I enjoy using it :3

 It has a pretty gold/bronze shimmer to it and looks best in a candlelit setting, so perfect for date nights. Your skin/cheeks will look beautifully luminous. 

Next is this medium/deep bronzer by Cargo. I’ve been wanting a new bronzer and went to Ulta Intending to buy Hula from Benefit but they were out of stock. I ended up coming arcoss this and I actually like it a lot. It’s very pigmented and creamy and has a nice shimmer to it but not so much that you look glittery and fake.
Below the swatch of the CK illuminator is the Cargo Bronzer. They’re kind similar looking and I normally use them together. But it has a pretty gold brassy look to it and I think it’s perfect for the November feel.
Now I don’t usually rock the brown lip but this lipstick by Revlon is one of my favorite lipsticks right now.It kinda has a deep mauve undertone to it which I think makes it a little interesting and adds a little warmth to your face for the winter. As said before when I think of November, I think deep oranges and browns. And I think this is just November in a lipstick.

Finally, Lord of the Rings. Currently I am reading the trilogy and it’s honestly the best. This is the second book of the three and if you’ve seen the movies, (you should know movies never do books any justice) I highly recommend reading the books. A lot of people think Tolkien’s work is too wordy and dense but it really isn’t. Once you get into it you’ll like it a lot. Now the wordiest book award goes to Dracula in my opinion. That was so hard to get through. But I promise you you’ll love Lord of the Rings especially if you like the whole Middle Earth scene as much as I do!