December Favorites :)

Happy late holidays! I hope everyone had fun and were safe. I’m just gonna do a December favorites blog post and start off with UD 24/7 liquid liner in gold that I got from Ulta.It actually has a really nice thick gold color to it and screams holidays.
I get oily around my forehead, eyebrows and chin, so I may as well be kawaii about it.

I did a review on this bronzer before and I was just testing it but now I use it mostly every other day, its great and light. 🙂

 So since I have Ombre styled hair it gets dry and such pretty badly and easily especially since I have fine, thin hair. I’ve been using this and I actually like it a lot it makes my hair softer. Whether or not it’s actually fixing the damaged hair I can’t really tell but for $12 why not.

For the perfect soft glow I used Too Faced’s Candlelight powder duo. It has a really nice shear glow to it, I normally apply it around my forehead, nose and chin for when the natural light hits ya. My favorite and it seems fitting for the holidays :>
I haaaate filling in my brows with brow powder. I used to use a duo by benefit but then senior year I switched to a twist pen type thing from MAC. I feel like I get sharper lines and it’s just overall easier to shape them. For some reason most brand produce powder sets but I found this one by Napoleon for $20. Anastasia also has one for $21 I have yet to try it.