New Music Favorites ♫♪

Here’s just a few tracks off some new artists I’ve been listening to lately that I think need some recognition! They definitely have that “road-trip” feel to them where you can just keep driving thoughtlessly while playing these. I find them enjoyable :>
1. Warm Water 
2. Bedroom Wall

Two of the songs I took a great liking to. She has a super awesome smooth voice that I really like listening to. I think once the spring semester starts it’d be good homework music actually


1. Insane ft. Moon Holiday
2. Sleepless ft. Jezzabell Doran

I’m so stoked I got introduced to this album through a friend I’m reeeeeally diggin the whole album actually. Definately would recommend it! It’s like soft techno. House music? I’m not sure but I know that it’s great and needs immediate attention.
~Toro y Moi~
1.New Beat
2. Still Around
Again I was introduced to this artist by a friend and I love it. New Beat has a sick jazzy feel and a lot of the songs I’ve listened to are very groovyish and easy to listen to. 
1. Midnight City
I’ve completely re-fallen in love with this song, and I’m pretty confident most people have heard it by now. Listening to it again it’s just an amazing song and I haven’t been able to completely get over it yet (─‿─)
1. Drunk in Love
Beyonce’s my queen so of course she’s going to be on this list. So far I have this song on repeat since her visual album dropped and I can’t get enough of it. If you haven’t seen/heard this album, I’m disappointed in you.