MOTD- Holis, so my make up lately has had me feelin some type of way. I just recently bought the Lorac UNZIPPED palette and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s actually a good substitute for the Naked 3 palette I think. I’ve been meaning to get the Naked 3 palette being that I have 1 and 2 as well as the basics palette but EVERYTIME I go to buy it it’s sold out. It’s not my time, it’s a sign that I need to try new things lol.

Originally I wanted it because it has a lot of pinky colors but since they were out of stock at the time that I needed it for a party I just went balls to walls and used Urban Decays build your own palette things and bought some eyeshadows individually. I ended up getting a lot of pinks, purples and golds. (I LOVE GOLD MAKEUP YOU CAN’T GO WRONG EVER ITS BEAUTIFUL ON EVERY SKIN TONE) But anyway back to Lorac, after I broke the bank building my own UD palette I went back a couple weeks later (N3 still out of stock ugh) and bought the Unzipped palette which I have been eyeing for a while. I would have gotten the Pro, but whatdya know of course they were out of stock and it’s backordered. Whatever. But I wasn’t disappointed with Unzipped! It does my face well if I do say so myself.
My eyelids aren’t very lifted so you can never see my eyeshadows well unless I’m looking down or away but here’s the general look 🙂
 OOTD- So I went to the chiropractor today,and threw on some waavvy boho pants that I think are pretty gnarly. I look kinda bare but I ended up throwing a black thick knitted cardigan over. Everything I’m wearing is from F21 except that pants I think might be from Urban..