St. Patricks Day Run, Cosmic Run and Chocolate Run 5k San Diego

So in the past week I’ve done 3 5ks and they were all really fun. The St. Pattys day run was put together for my friends roommate’s sorority so there were lots of people from SDSU there.
The second one was actually last night, the Cosmic Run didn’t actually start until like 8 at Qualcomm and traffic was traffic was crazyyy. It’s similar to the color race I hear only this one had a rave type thing at the end with a stage which was actually really fun. You could tell which people were there just for the rave. Once you get there there’s just a bunch of loud music and neon light and you get chalk thrown at you every half mile

Lastly the Hot Chocolate Run that I finished this morning! 2 words, GNARLY HILLS. I can run on flat grass, trails, tracks etc. But I don’t do hills. My co worker wasn’t joking when she said it there was a lot of uphill running lol. I lost my uncle and friend somewhere in the process of working my way up the last hill. But it was well worth it bc of our goodie bags :> And the jacket they give us. This one started fairly early, 6:45 for my corral. Since it’s in downtown it has to be done earlier I think.
This isn’t even half the people that were running.. and the 15k runners started even earlier than us I believe 😐
After the run you’re given a little bowl of hot chocolate and melted chocolate with little treats like pretzels, rice crispies, crackers, a marshmellow and a banana that you can dip in the chocolate :3 WORTH ALL THOSE STUPID HILLS

Overall these were really fun runs and I’d suggest them to anyone :> 5k is only 3 miles so it’s not like you’ll be running a half marathon. Plus no one says you have to run the whole time if you’re not used to it.