Monthly favorites

Finally I’m getting back on my monthly Favorites! I’m gonna try and keep up but I have some fun ones :3
First is a crystal rock lamp that at bought from Home Goods for $12!! Such a steal and is a pretty decent size. It doesn’t give of too much light but aesthetically, it’s pretty pleasing lol I’ve also recently been getting into candles and I absolutely LOVE vanilla, so I made a little mood setting vanilla candle shrine around my rock lamp. 
Next up! My mineralized skin finish MAC highlighter in Soft & Gentle. I’ve been using this for a few months and it does the trick. It has a lighter finish to it and looks awesome in natural dim lighting. (ex. a cutely lit dinner date)
 For nails, this actually came in my September glam bag and has actually done well in not chipping off after 2 days. (they’re clearly chipped in the picture but o whale)
 Lastly, this creamy concealer by Japonesque. I got this at Ulta during their Beauty September Dailies sale for half off. This IS full sized not, sample. They’re usually $20 but I bought it for 10. I’ve been eyeing for a while but couldn’t really bring myself to pay the full price for it so when I saw it went on sale I bought it immediately and of course I fell in love. I’m actually a fan of creamy concealers and this is just so easy to apply and isn’t as greasy and creasy as some cream concealers. it has medium to full coverage and I def see a repurchase in the future 🙂
Also something else I’ve tried out lately that I’ve really felt good about is joining a gym. I’ve been a member for a few months but I’ve actually been using the membership a lot this past month. Since I have a 24hr Fitness membership I can literally go at midnight (oddly when I have the most energy and time to actually do things) and get my cardio on. I’ve felt really good about it, when your body feels good, you feel good and everything feels fresh and new and not as stressful afterwards.
Well that sums up my September favorites! Until October. :K