My Skincare Routine~ UPDATED

Hellerr, since I always get questions about the things I use for my face I decided to make an updated version of the post a while back.  I’ve changed a few things sine then so welcome to My Skincare Routine 2.0 :>
Below, Aqua Marina by Lush | Your Skin But Bette CC+ Cream by IT Cosmetics | Cleansing Balm by No7
 I had always heard good things about Lush but never really got into their products just because I just felt it was all hype based on the cutesy packaging and such so I never bothered. However I started to randomly break out and decided to change up what I was using. I walked into their store in Fashion Valley just to browse, and immediately I was helped out by one of the workers. I’m not too familiar with their things so I was asking a buunch of questions and the girl was so sweet and patient. (I’m also very attracted to the cutesy packaging ironically) 
Anyway, they have a huge variety of facial scrubs and what not and I ended up picking Aqua Marina because of the squishy texture :]
“Our squishy pink cleanser, inspired by mermaids” Contains calamine, aloe, and fresh seaweed :] It’s handmade with fresh ingredients (cruelty-free!) I love love love the seaweed it’s so refreshing. When you put on the actual mask (it says pea-sized but I usually put more) when it’s drying it has an odd tingling sensation that I’m kinda fond of.
Next up! I adore No7 products, I actually use their facial wipes that I forgot to add in here. This is an all day/night cream that hydrates the skin. I have combo oily/dry skin but lately it’s been on the drier side so I wanted something like a night cream that will hydrate my skin throughout the night. I purchased this of course at Ulta where they actually have a whole section of No7 products. They have a few different facial balms but this one in particular you can even wear under your makeup which is what I usually do. I put it on when I wake up and let it dry a bit before I put on my makeup and then after I take off my makeup (also using the No7 facial wipes to remove my makeup) I feel like it’s good to be consistent with what you use on your face. The actual cream itself goes on very smooth and a little definitely goes a long way. I usually find myself squishing out too much and using the left overs for my neck lol
 Ah so much to say about IT Cosmetics. First off, I love it. I have a few other products by them (eyebrow wiz, creamy concealer, and creamy highlighter) and I looove them. I went into Ulta looking for a kind of skin blemish diffuser. I was stuck between Tarte’s blemish eraser or something along those lines and another one by Sally something I can’t think of the names rn but they both acted and primers and skin correctors when one of the IT reps suggested I try the CC cream which basically does all that and more. 
I can’t express how much I’ve fallen in love with this product. The coverage is amazing, the glowy finish is amazing, your skin’s blemishes are basically brought down to none, and to top it off it has 50 SPF! The highest I’ve ever had in any makeup product is maybe 30 SPF. I have to admit that’s a pretty decent amount of sun protection. The thing about this line of cosmetics is that it’s actually made by dermatologists that know their stuff. I would highly recommend to anyone :] Also for reference I’m in shade Medium.