Reviews Reviews Reviews: Topshop

So I made my first purchase at the newly open San Diego Topshop :))) Immediately after my shift I went on the floor and picked up some things I’ve been eyeing. There’s a lot of hype around our makeup, specifically the foundations. For those that don’t know the people that actually make MAC makeup make our foundation as well. Which originally I disliked bc I hate MAC foundations and concealers, but I figured why not, it was like $14 I think? The quality if the foundation is amazing and has a nice velvety finish to it. I honestly didn’t think I’d like it just because I’m very picky with what I put on my face but it’s actually very nice. I wore it to Coscto and literally the first day I tried it out numerous people commented on my makeup that day. Whenever I try out new makeup and get compliments I just assume it’s because of that product :> Hence my good review.

At first I wasn’t a very big fan of the applicator. It’s just a mini turkey baster basically, I would rather just pour it out myself or have a pump but it’s not too bad.

NEXT, the nail polish. They have a lot of amazing colors and glitter nail polishes and I’m been meaning to try some polish with that metallic look so I went ahead and got this in “hidden treasure” and it actually came out a lot more yellow than I thought it would :/ I was slightly surprised, I was expecting a neat marine colored finish. It’s not too bad, also dries quickly.

And that’s that. Overall I’d say they’re quality products indeed :> Keep a look out for my upcoming blog post, Tattoos 2.0 Color Edition (my updated version) n.n