Monthly Favorites: October

So I’ve decided to do a special monthly favorite and share a few of my favorite online subscriptions 🙂

1. Hulu+
Originally I got Hulu plus so that I could watch the last season of Teen Wolf, but they honestly have sooo much that I couldn’t help but keep it. I have Netlfix as well but Netflix is more movie oriented whereas Hulu has TV shows galore that I usually don’t get to watch. Needless to say I’m up all night watching Law & Order SVU.

2. Spotify
Honestly people don’t give Spotify enough credit. You literally have every song in your phone without using up all your memory (however it does take up a bit of space.) I have Spotify on my computer, iPad and phone and I think I only pay like $10 a month? Something like that, you can even get a student discount and get half of that, it’s honestly so worth it. I would highly recommend taking the time to check it out. Also if you download it for your computer I don’t believe you have to pay, unless you want it on mobile devices.

3. Ipsy
Once again getting my beauty fix without paying a bunch of munnies and going out of my way to try new things (I honestly forget how much I pay a month for Ipsy?) They’re usually pretty spot on with color matching, I’ve never really had problems with BB creams sent to me. For the most part I use Ipsy to help me figure out which eye shadows I shouldn’t buy lol. For some reason I’ve never had good quality eye shadow sent to me before however I’ve had amazing BB creams and face scrubs sent to me that I actuall ended up buying full sizes up afterwards. But like in my las monthly Ipsy post I gave you a higher end alternation subscription called birchbox you can check it out here

So far that’s it for now, I try not to go crazy with online subscriptions, there’s a few I’ve been itching to try out but I’ve put them on hold for now..