Great things to come; Where I’ve been and where I’m going

Happy New Year to all you little nuggets! If your New Years/Eve was as interesting (for lack of better words) as mine I’m sure you’re excited and anticipating what the rest of the New Year has to offer. It’ll be a busy year for me now that I’m going back to school but I’m excited to be back and feel refreshed and motivated again. 
Updates: Makeup Purchases
I’m trying to move out by March hopefully so I’ve mostly been saving, so I haven’t really bought any new products recently however, I finally gave in and bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. So far so good, not complaints from this gal. Although I was nearly positive I wouldn’t have any in the first place lol.
I’ve also recently bought something I’ve been eyeing for a while, which is one of Stila’s metal foil eyeshadows in gold and I’m pretty happy with it. I specifically bought it for New Year’s Eve but I actually like to wear a lot of gold shadows and highlights so it’s something I wear with daily makeup as well. It has pretty good color payoff and doesn’t budge much once it’s on so it’s an A+ from me.
Another thing thing I actually bought at Costco is Too Faced’s Better Than False Lashes lash extension fiber duo mascara. It comes with two mascara tubes only one has tiny white fibers instead of mascara which you use to basically prime your lashes. After you do that you go over it with as many layers of mascara needed and it lifts and elongates the fibers making your lashes look super long. BUT, my point is that I bought it at Costco for $13 bucks I think? When about a year ago I bought it at Ulta for roughly $22 or something. It’s suuuper cheap right now at Costco so if there’s one near you I would most definitely suggest trying it out, you can’t go wrong with this price! It’s also the first time I’ve seen Costco carry higher end makeup like this which I found interesting.
I’m hoping to get up a review post on the things I just mentioned as well as a new makeup tutorial, featuring my glasses 🙂 ALSO something I’m super stoked about, I’ll be going to New York in a couple weeks for a few days and I can’t wait. There will definitely be a few NY vlogs and blog posts from my trip, also if anyone has any suggestions on where I should visit I would love to hear. It’s probably going to be snowing when which should be interesting because I’m freezing in 50 degree weather. (that’s decently cold for a San Diegan)
I think that’s all for now, stay tuned and stay excited:>