I hate packing. For a weekend trip for anything I have to pack at lease 8 outfits bc things happen! Plus at lease 3 pairs of shoes depending on the trip (sandals, reg shoes, heels if needed) it’s just so tedious. I decided to go the easy route this time and only packed 2 pairs of jeans so that I’d be wearing one pair by the time I got to NY (8am?) so that way I could work my outfits around to make more suitcase space 🙂 The average temperature for the weekend we went was around 30 degrees so I ended up just shoving in a bunch of shirts no one would see anyway and a couple heavier coats and scarves. Also, if you plan on wearing a dress during winter on the East Coast, everyone wears leggings/stockings under them so pack those too. Just a heads up, bc I didn’t know that was a thing. (stockings are basically see through and thin anyway so it’s not like it’s much warmer???)
Idk. Moving on, I wasn’t too worried about shampoos and conditioners since we were staying in a hotel so they usually have little minis but I did pack some just bc I like my own.

As for makeup, it’s always the hardest thing for me to pack even just for sleep overs lol.  I just have so much and I use different things everyday that it’s annoying to pick a few things to take along however I think I did a good job this time around. You obviously wanna to try and take things that you’ll get the most bang for your buck. For example my concealer palette from MAC has everything I use to conceal as well as highlight so that I don’t have to take both individual products that do the same thing, which makes more space for other stuff 🙂 The ABH contour palette is a perfect travel kit also just bc it’s not too bulky and comes in multiple shades (also depending on the refills you have you can have your highlighter stuff in there too) so that’s always a plus in my book. I brought an individual blush by toofaced which is kinda bulky and big but I had room in my makeup bag for it so I thought why not. If you really want to slim it down I would suggest taking any of Urban Decay’s Naked Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter kits, I was actually going to take mine but I wasn’t feelin’ the blush for that specific weekend. But the product itself is a small little palette thing that has all three and actually this past year they came out with new shades which is exciting.
If you have a good sized makeup bag it should all fit perfectly 🙂 I actually kept my makeup in my carry which was just an oversized bag along with my camera and some other stuff. They say no liquids in your carry on and so on but I think I was ok with the foundation and setting spray lol
And voila :> until next blog post (^ポxポ^)