New York, New York : Photo Diary


On top of the Empire State Building
Time Square
My overall experience
And there it is. New York has so much to offer that I wish I could have done more during my time there. The architecture is so amazing I had trouble figuring out was was an actual apartment from a business building. I like to think San Diego is a relatively biggish city, but the moment I stepped out of the plane and into a taxi I definitely felt like a small town girl, I don’t even have anything to compare it to. Our downtown is like, their suburbs I feel like. We stayed in the Upper Westside (whatever that means??) Honestly I thought we were staying in the downtown area until I actually got asked if we visited Downtown. This was probably the ultimate confusion to me because honestly everything looked downtown-y to me. It’s definitely something I wasn’t used to lol.
I was stoked I got to visit about 90% of the places on my to-do list 🙂 which looked a little like this:
✔ take a subway
✔ visit the met
✔ museum of natural history
✔ time square
✔ china town
✔ wall street
✔ central park – see balto
✔ empire state building
visit svu places
I’ll be putting up some individual posts with a picture diary about the museums but honestly everything lived up to my expectations. Except the food obvi and central park because my family didn’t want to look for Balto with me, but I did see Central Park and like the rest of the city, it’s ginormous. We visited the ESB around 8pm? Maybe a little earlier but by the time we were at the top it was about 25 degrees with roughly 25-30mph winds. It was definitely one of the more intense experiences I’m ever had haha. The wind was mind numbingly cold, I couldn’t really feel my hand but when I touched my cheek they felt warm. I wonder if that’s a thing where you’re so cold you feel warm?? Either way it was a great experience and the view was amazing. One of the other things I was actually very excited to see were street grates 🙂 I took a lot of pictures on my phone because I think they’re funny and they remind me of Oliver & Company lol. Also, the subway system is insane. Unlike our trolleys they can literally take you anywhere in the city and do minimal walking to get to your destination, I only got to use it once and was a little confused but I looked at it as literally being a trolley just underground lol. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t really get to experience the food scene, it’s something I definitely want to invest more time in doing the next time I visit. For some reason I had trouble finding good food :/  
Other than my questionable food experience the only thing I didn’t like were the taxis/driving. New York driving is literally like the driving in TJ (Tijuana, Mexico.) For people that aren’t from San Diego/TJ and don’t understand, if you’re in a taxi in TJ you basically have to close your eyes the whole time so you don’t stress out thinking you’re going to crash. It’s awful, and an expensive way to commute :/ All in all it’s truly an amazing city that I definitely plan to see again.