If you’re looking for adventure..

Hellooo, I’m back from a tiny hiatus, between school and 2 jobs I don’t have much room for blogging :/ But I have some time today to finally write a review on some recent hikes I’ve done.

Three Sisters Falls has definitely been the most difficult thing I’ve done physically. It’s just a little outside Julian and we got kind of lost because google maps gave us an address that was like half a mile away from the actual trail, so there was a solid half hour of frustration and confusion. They day we went it was actually a cool day in the low 70s, (if it were any hotter I would not have been able to do any part of this hike) We went a little bit after all the snow had melted so the falls were decently full and flowing 🙂 
Going down is a breez, it’s suuuper steep and you don’t really think about the way back until you’re half dead and exhausted trying to rock climb straight uphill. The view is amazing and it’s definitely worth the energy to get there. There are a couple different levels to the falls, if you’re feeling adventurous you can make your way to the top of the falls but I feel like unless you’re a mountain goat it’s fairly difficult. I didn’t really feel like dying that day so we played it safe and stayed towards the lower level lol. 
We got lost trying to go back just because this is such an open range type hike where you can get anyway a billion different ways. We ended up finding a group of people that didn’t know where they were going either and stuck with them until we were on the right track. The way back is horrible but you definitely feel accomplished afterwards. Bruised, scratched, sore and all I had a good time, I’d probably rate it a 4/5 difficulty level hahah. I don’t recommend going if it’s even a slightly warm day, I can’t even imagine. Also it’s so isolate with no reception so if anything happens you’re basically shit out of luck.
Maybe I’ll do a post of good San Diego trails 🙂