New Music

Using 8tracks for the first time to share some music I’ve been listening to and I don’t like that I can only share 2 songs from each artist 🙁 But I’ve really been into some laid back music for when I’m studying and Spotify doesn’t have Nujabes to choose from so I explored a little and found some songs/artists I actually reeeeally like.

  1. Dj Okawari – Flower Dance (other recommended songs, Minomi, Luv Letter, ring)
  2. Tycho – Awake
  3. Inf – Day Dreaming
  4. Nujabes – Aurian Dance
  5. Nujabes – Reflection Eternal (literally all albums are amazing highly recommend)
  6. Hazzy – A little more
  7. Kondor – Peace of soul
  8. Kondor – Tribute to Nujabes
  9. Kondor – Mental Healing
  10. Hazzy – Street Drrams
  11. Tsunenori – Silent Miss (instrumental, non instr. is my favorite)
  12. Pismo – Condisder my love
  13. Nomak – Calm ( a really good album overall)
  14. Nomak – Anger of the earth
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