SPRING BREAK: Santa Monica|Venice

For spring break some of my best friends and I wanted to go on a mini roadtrip to SM and stop by Venice on our way back. I was sooo stoked it turned out to be a beautiful day. From San Diego to Santa Monica it took us exactly 2 hours which surprised me, we hit little to no traffic on the way there which is amazing going through LA. (however later on in the day when I was trying to get to lacma the traffic and stupid driving made me want to choke someone) For the most part it was a pretty chill day with good friends 🙂

Venice beach definitely has a personality. Such different vibes from SM and it’s only so many miles away. I’ve been here a few times before and I feel the same about it every time. I don’t even like going to Ocean Beach in San Diego lol 
One word, disappointment. This picture and my caption may have ruined some friendships on instagram but I’m standing my ground on this one. I’m not sure if I went on a bad day or what but I don’t see anything special about this place other than Obama’s picture on the wall leaving with their chicken & waffles. In my almost 21 years of life I’ve definitely had better fried chicken and most definitely have had better waffles. 
And that’s it for an LA post, I’ve actually done a lot this spring break so be expecting a few more posts on things to do in San Diego 🙂
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