My new glasses — Firmoo

I’ve really been in dire need of new glasses. I have some Oliver Peoples frames but the lenses are completely scratched and horrible so I can barely see through them 🙁 Super excited that I was able to receive some glasses from Firmoo which you can HERE. If your eyesight isn’t exactly on point like myself, they take yourRx prescriptions as well so you can have prescription lenses, which is what I chose 🙂
I love they way they fit and the tortoise color (which is similar to my other glasses actually lol) They have a rounder shape to them than what I’m used to but I love it and have been getting compliments on them at work 🙂 My manager actually calls me Hariette Potter when I wear them because of the round frames (⌇ຶД⌇ຶ)
They include an awesome case for my frames which I was excited about, a little lens wipe and a copy of your invoice. Also there is a little screw and a handy mini eyeglass screwdriver I’m assuming to fix little things that happen. I’m not much of a handy man so if anything happens to my glasses I just get new ones, but for those that know how to use it then I think you’d appreciate it! Also I happen to not be able to find the little screw that came with it because I’m not good with keeping track of small things :/
Overall I’m very happy with these frames, they’re super lightweight and go great with basically anything. Don’t forget to check out Firmoo’s Daily New Arrivals! They really have an amazing collection and if it’s your first time visiting you can get 15% YOUR FIRST PURCHASE!
I haven’t been able to take a decent selfie in them yet but you can see me wearing them here.
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