Winter is Coming..

Merry Christmas Eve!! I have been very busy with finals and work this past month so have not had much opportunity for blogging, but I’d like to share a special product that I have used this month that I really enjoyed using. 

As we all know I care very much about my skin and I have been needing to change up my skin care routine for a while now. The VIICode team were nice enough to send me this amazing product to try spice up my nightly routine :> The Oxygen Eye Mask is a higher end eye mask that help reduce wrinkles/fine lines, dark circles, eye baggies and puffiness using its exclusive oxygen producing plant extract. This basically activates ad strengthens your cell’s oxy capacity making the possibilities endless for repairing damaged under eye skin. I’m usually a bit apprehensive using new products because I do have very sensitive skin and I tend to get rashes if my skin rejects a product, and I am very delighted to say that I had no such issues using this product. It’s very gentle and cooling on the skin when you place the little patches. 
I used a set about once every other day for a week and applied them a little before bed time. You can wear them up to 8 hours, you CAN sleep with these! Best believe ya girl took full advantage. It seems a bit of waste to wear it only for an hour or so during the day when they have so much more potential when worn longer through the night (if you don’t roll around a lot in bed I suppose at least) I do prep my skin before use and go about my daily moisturizing routine before bed. Usually I do an avocado mask every other night before/after I shower, and use Keil’s Line Reducing Concentrate on my face afterwards.
Then I slap these babies under my eyes and I’m good until the morning! I think I put them on backwards (skinnier part should go towards the nose) but I feel like it’s more important to get more coverage underneath my eyes than my cheek, right? They’re extremely cooling when first applied than after a while you can literally feel everything start to tighten it’s great.
*also crying because these photos are about a month apart and I think my face got chubbier??????*
*cries in spanish*
I would love to try this a full month’s trial and see it work it’s magic, I would definitely recommend giving this product a try! If you want to repair your under eye skin or simply want brighter looking eyes you can check it out and get it here! The next time you’ll hear from me it’ll be 2016! Every be safe, and I wish every one be blessed with good skin and good times.