March Favorites: Glo Up

As promised I am back with my March Favorites– but I’m changing it up a little and sharing my  current favorite highlighters to achieve that bomb glow 。◕‿◕。 These are all recent purchases and I actually use at least 3 of them everyday..
We’ll start with the ABH Glow Kits. This one is in Gleam– I bought this one only for Mimosa and ended up really liking Starburst and Crushed Pearl as well. Super pigmented but I found that when I tried to use it with MAC fix+ it didn’t apply well at all, which was actually really surprising to me because Fix+ brings out the best in nearly all powder highlighters. I’m thinking it might have been the setting powder I was using (never had a problem with it before but just a thought) and maybe next time I try out a different one and see if the result is the same.

Next, That Glow— legit part of my All Stars team of A1 highlights, especially Golden Bronze. Lately I’ve been trying to maintain a nice glow for my skin and easing up on intense coverage etc. so I’ve been doing a lot of natural bronzed, bright skin looks and of course I use cream contour (FX or ABH) but then set it using Golden Bronze 🙂 and it comes out b e a u t i f u l l y . I can’t express how much I love this one lol. Sunburst is probably my least favorite out of the four, for some reason I feel like it would look better on lighter skinned girls even though it’s paired with darker pans, which makes it look nice but I would suggest going a different route for my brown hunnies. I just feels like it comes off really light and opaque and looks kind of funky, kind of sad about it but maybe in winter when ya girls lighter I’ll give it another shot.
So for the past year I have been missing out on the precious gem that I ever knew I needed. Becca X Jaclyn Hill’s Champaign Pop. Yeees I know it’s been out for forever but honestly I didn’t think it’d be worth the hype I guess? I’ve seen it on many of my favorite Youtubers but that never really seemed like enough to justify the purchase for me and never bothered to swatch it at Sephora until recently. AND I’M CRYING BC IT’S SO GOOD AND IDK WHY I WAITED SO LONG?!?!??!?! Outrageous.  I actually have a lot of Becca’s products and really like the Shimmering Skin Perfecters, they silky smooth and has super high pigmentation. I’ve been wearing this literally everyday since my purchase. No ragrets. Also So sorry the next few swatches were out of focus, I didn’t realize until after I was editing and at that point there was no going back.
The following picture after Champaign Pop is Opal. I got a mini sample and it’s not too bad. I have other highlighters that I would definitely grab and use before this one but I actually have been using it as a top layer for Champaign Pop and found that I actually really liked the combo. So for that reason it was defaulted into my favorites.
For those that don’t know Urban Decay came out with a new Summer collection and came out with new bronzers, highlighters, BB creams etc. This is their new Afterglow Powder Highlighter in Fireball. It comes out in three different shades and tbh I almost bought all of them, but being $28 I surprisingly was able to control myself from yet another impulse buy. I went with Fireball because it was the only highlighter shade I really felt like I didn’t already have and basically just use it as a blush substitute. Once again, I apologize for the unfocused pictures u.u  
And that sums up last month’s favorites! One last thing I want to share is a new blog segment I’ll be doing called The Chowski Chronicles, starring my sweet dogchild Osa who is now 5 months old. I’ve  been planing this for a while but have been waiting until she got a little older so her personality can grow a little more and all that. So I think it’s time! It’ll be scheduled for the last Friday of every month, so next week be ready to be slapped in the face with cuteness and my endless puppy drama. Are there any other new parents out there with puppies going through the terrible twos?? Let me know I want to know how you’re dealing with it hahaha *laughs and cries manically* Click below to see some teaser pictures! You won’t regret it :>
That’s all for tonight, later gators.

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    I've hope you've used it by now!! Lol it's very good once you figure out which shades look best with what 🙂

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    Love to see this website. thanks for your good post & Images…

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