3 days + 2 nights in Portland, OR

3 days + 2 nights in Portland, OR
Been forever since I’ve updated, mostly because of me just not having any inspiration/motivation to continue blogging. So today I’ll be kicking off my first update of 2020 with a travel post. My cousin and I went to Portland for a couple days to see comedian Andrew Schultz and got to sightsee the remaining days of our visit.
I pulled some stuff from my notes that I used to make our itinerary, so for those of you thinking about visiting, here are some things you can add 🙂

Things to do— 

these are all in the same park area 
• Portland Japanese Garden— it’s like $15 but apparently, they’re the best Japanese gardens outside japan https://japanesegarden.org/category/photos-videos/
• International Rose Test Garden
• Oregon zoo lol it’s actually only $14
• Washington Park
• Marquam Nature Park, it loops back to Washington park 

• Portland Saturday Market
• Old Chinatown/Pearl District, they’re both really close to each other
• Let’s roam is an app that has scavenger hunts and they have a bar crawl one lol we can do this on our own and don’t have to be in a group or anything and it tells us stuff around in the area 
        • Witches Castle in Forest Park just outside downtown 
Columbia River Valley 25 miles east of Portland
• Latourell Falls, a 2-mile loop with waterfall
• Multnomah Falls 
• AN ALPACA FARM, just outside Portland it’s free to look around and $5 to feed them https://www.mhralpacas.com/
• Alberta Arts District, has boutiques, etc
• Mississippi Neighborhood has shops and bars and stuff
• Powells City of books apparently largest independent book store in the world?
• Game Knight, a board game place that has $5 craft beers and stuff
• Portland Mercado https://www.portlandmercado.org/
• Pine Street Market, downtown

Places to eat— 
• Voodoo Donuts
• Blue star donuts, superior to voodoo donuts according to locals 
• The people’s pig, down the street from Game Knight — http://www.peoplespig.com/
• Food trucks, Pastrami Zombie, a food truck there’ll probs be others around it
— Prost Market place (near Mississippi Neighborhood?)
— Cartlandia has like 30 different carts things that have 15 different country food? http://www.cartlandia.com/
click for photos + to read about our trip!

Started our trip with a bit of a bummer but, as luck would have it we got pulled over 10 miles out from leaving the airport while on our way to Multnomah Falls lol I guess it’s cooler to get a ticket traveling than in your hometown driving to work or something, right? We also had quite the view waiting for the sheriff to ticket us lol

I thought it’d be a lot colder than it was, it was a solid 40-50 degrees during our stay which was nice, the air always felt clean and crispy. 


The surrounding forests and nature, in general, is very pretty and so different compared to San Diego. It was nice to visit somewhere green lol I’m not used to seeing so much moss on rocks and trees. One of our Uber drivers told us it usually ~only~ rains about 9 months out of the year, which is unheard of for us down here lol It was also my first time being up close to such a large waterfall, I’m not sure what I was expecting it to sound like but def didn’t think it’d be as loud as it was.

Visited the Portland Japanese Garden and it was beautiful. It’s very open so there was a lot of walking to be done which made it a little difficult since I was still wearing my boot post surgery lol Our Japanese friendship garden here in San Diego is tiny compared to this one.