Attempting to shoot film

I AM BACK. Sad blog culture is dead these days but it’s still one of the few ways I can express myself creatively and share things without being embarrassed that people I know irl will see lol Recently I’ve become obsessed with film photography and decided to switch it up and invest in a decent beginner film camera. I ended up getting the minolta x700 bc of @kingjvpes on YouTube lol. He’s super informative on cameras and lenses etc and really sold me on joining the Minolta gang. 

I bought it earlier in the year and was finally motivated enough to load it up with some film today  only to realize the shutter is battery operated and I’ve left it on since purchase and drained the batteries entirely lol  I’ve looked into how to digitally develop my film and I’m really excited. When my batteries come in I’ll finally get some practice in, I think I should write down the settings I’ve used per roll so I can learn from all the messy shots I know I’m gonna make lol My new baby is beautiful and I’m so excited :>

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