Addicted to genshin

Addicted to genshin

Drew a lazy Sayu bc I think she’s cute. Got super lazy toward the end drawing her face, took longer than it really should make this so I just wanted to be done lol I’ve been playing Genshin Impact since its release and it’s consumed my life. I play on my ps5 and was so happy when they finally let us cross-save onto pc/mobile so now I can screen record and share easier. The only characters I don’t have as of now (including Inazuma characters) are Albedo and Childe, but only bc I didn’t really want to pull for them. I’m soooo happy with the inazuma characters rn. Kazuha has easily become my favorite and Sayu is so cute. I can’t wait for the 2.1 update so I can get the fish claymore and equip it on her. The idea of it makes me laugh I love it lol I wish they had a story quest for 4 stars too I think hers would be interesting 🙁 I was desperately waiting for her banner since her arrival was leaked lol 

I’m also really excited for Gorou, besides Razor they’ll probably end up being my favorite 4 stars lol I was pulling on Sayu’s banner like crazy bc I wanted to try and get all her constellations but ended up getting Yoimiya, who I could care less about lol I really like her character design but maybe I’m just not used to her gameplay or something. BUT no one can top my sweet wolf boy though, he honestly carried me all the way to AR 53 and had never once been out of my team comp until Inazuma.

Here’s the current build I have for him rn:

My stats are pretty decent but I desperately need a pale flame physical damage cup lol Rn he just has 55% damage bonus bc of the pale flame set bonus. Also had to max out wolf’s gravestone bc he deserves it. 
Hu Tao has also easily become one of my favorite carries and I’m pretty heavily invested in her. I’m considering triple crowning.. bc she’s just that damn good. I wish I had better sub-stats and a higher CR but I don’t hate her build rn. I also maxed out staff of homa which I’m pretty proud of lol 

I think that I might do a little tour of my teapot soon since I invested a lot of time in that as well lol. I just have to finish up the last island and the upstairs rooms. Lastly I’ll just share my user overview :> I’d be really excited if anyone ever comes across this and happens to love genshin too bc I have few people to talk about it with lol