Food diaries: Cardellino restaurant

My cousin and I tried this little Italian spot in Mission Hills and it was actually very cute. Their waitresses described it as a very hip Americanized Italian place lol I had gotten some cantaloupe mixed drink which was okay? It came with a little melon on a stick but I don’t like frozen fruit so I gave it to my cousin lol Mostly everything on the menu is made from scratch so the pizza bread was so good. I was really excited for their focaccia bread, which was very good but also just tasted like regular sourdough bread to me 🙁 wasn’t the kind of focaccia I was expecting but was good for what it was. I also got the funghi pizza (panna, mozzarella, roasted mushrooms, soft garlic, ricotta, thyme, pecorino) and I think my cousin got the lamb sausage & rapini. For desert we got ricotta zepolle with lemon and powdered sugar. They really just tasted like funnel cake in a donut hole form but a little bit more dense lol
Price: $$

Also had to throw in a lil ootd lol

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