Mariscos + Balboa Park

Mariscos + Balboa Park

Was supposed to go to Ensenada yesterday to go on a wine tasting tour with some friends but I just felt so exhausted just thinking about it. It would have been an all day commitment and I wouldn’t be able to leave when I want lol I’m also not really a drinker so I would have been tired by like 11am. Instead I just spent some time with family and had brunch at this mariscos place in Chula Vista. I got the ahi tuna ceviche and for whatever reason took like 30 minutes longer than everyone else’s so I was the only one sitting there without any food for a while lol It was okay? It was really sweet bc they put mango in it but then the sauce was literally just soy sauce I think. So it was an odd flavor so I just separated the fish and ate it with some shrimp tostadas lol I also ordered their tamarindo margarita which was good but ended up switching with my aunt bc we liked each others better. 

Price: $

Later we ended up going to Balboa Park, we went back home first so that I could get my film camera and get some practice in. It was my first time taking my Minolta out and was also my first time changing out a roll lol I had to YouTube bc I forgot how to do it :/ I think sometime this week I’m gonna develop my film and get my negatives so that I can digitally scan them in with my a6600. A little nervous to see how they turn out bc I’ll need to get a good camera mount and bright even light source to put the negative over. There’s some on Amazon that are decently priced that are used for tracing but I’m not sure how well the negatives will turn up with it. I want to get the 35mm setup from negative supply but it’s so expensive ;^;  maybe I’ll invest I’ll give it more thought when I get my negatives. I’m also thinking about selling my canon t5 since I haven’t used it in like 6 years? Lol it’s too bulky and I prefer sonys layout more I think. I’m not sure if I should sell my canon lenses as well? I’m not sure if they’re worth getting an adapter for them to use for my Sony since they might not work as smoothly. I really want to get the 10-18mm f4 Sony lens but it’s like $700.  Hobbies are so expensive, I just want to be happy lol. Even if I get a cheapie set up I’ll still be paying 100+ and at that point I should just invest in the real thing. Idk we’ll see. 

But anyway we walked around balboa park and I was able to get in some decent shots I hope? It was 94 degrees out no clouds and I was able to get a little tan lol I tan really easily but I hate being outside so I’m always pale these days lol here’s some pictures from my camera that day and some from the botanical garden. They had a variegated monstera!! The closest I’ve ever been to one irl lol  it took all I had not to just pluck it and run. Once again something else I want that’s incredibly expensive -_- it’s like $500+ for a single cutting.