Food diaries: Morning Glory + Common Theory Public House

Food diaries: Morning Glory + Common Theory Public House

Fiiiinally was able to get into Morning Glory recently. I had never gone before since it’s in downtown and is always about a 2+ hour wait. We had gone short after they had open and the line was going down the street -.- it was an hour just to get put on the waiting list which is another 1-3 hours depending on when you get there lol it’s a very instagrammy place so it’s always packed. We had an hour to kill so we just walked down to the harbor and back. They actually had a very large menu and had more of a selection than I was expecting. We ordered their soufflé pancakes (bc that’s what they’re kinda known for allegedly.) and their eggs Benedict and French toast. It was about an hour before we got our food 🙁 The soufflé pancakes were really sweet and dense it was a little too much for me so I couldn’t finish it all. It was good but not my favorite. There wasn’t anything else about the rest of the food that stood out either, it just tasted like normal breakfast food. I think overall it has a really cute aesthetic and I think it would be fun with a group of friends where you just chat and have light food and mimosas but for our occasion it just wasn’t worth a three hour wait for us sadly. 
Price: $$

09/11 I went to Common Theory in Convey after work and I really like it. They have good light snacking food while you drink and hang out. We sat in the patio area and it has a really nice relaxing ambiance, and the dj was playing nujabes :’) We got their calamari and bbq chicken flatbread. I don’t usually go out of my way to eat bbq anything but they mixed korean chili paste with their bbq sauce and I think it’s up there as one of my favorites now lol. I went knowing I wouldn’t like any of their drinks since it’s mostly craft beer 🙁 I tried their convoy mule and it tasted like straight bourbon I almost died lol I was expecting more of the ginger soda taste since that’s usually stronger and was caught off guard at how strong it was lol I’m a weenie. I hope they’ll add more cocktails one day :/ It was a really nice Saturday for me overall, I’m happy I got to try a new place.