Karina’s Cantina + Liberty Station

Karina’s Cantina + Liberty Station

Went out to Gaslamp with the family for dinner the other week. I only knew of the small Karina’s places in Chula Vista and never knew they had more ~fancy~ locations lol They have a little upstairs area that I think might be for reservations? I think the one in Otay is similar as well. I got the Karina’s spicy ceviche and it was so good. I’m not usually a shrimp person either. It could have been a little spicier but it’s okay.

On a separate day the fam and I went out to The Hot Spot Pottery in Liberty Station to paint some ceramics. They have a lot of random things for you to choose from, last time I was there I found a little dinosaur but no luck this time around 🙁 I ended up just going with the skull mug. Sad it came out so sloppy looking. Originally the teeth were supposed to be different but I had accidentally painted the middle so had to commit to the orange lol. When you’re done they keep it to glaze and set they paint and you just stop by the next day to pick everything up. The weather was also really nice this day. San Diego is finally cooling down. Exited to finally be able to wear some sweaters. It’ll only last a couple weeks probably so gotta enjoy it while we have it lol

  c u r r e n t l y p l a y i n g : 
kali uchis  // fue mejor (feat. SZA)