Savoie’s Italian Eatery+The Living Coast

Savoie’s Italian Eatery+The Living Coast

Tried out this place in Otay that I have been wanting to try for a while. It was poppin and playing reggaeton when I left AMC one night, so I had  made a mental not that I wanted to go to see what it was one day lol We had chose this place randomly and ended up being the restaurant by AMC that one night so It worked out well lol It’s so nice inside and I actually really liked their menu. We just got a bunch of different appetizers just to try everything instead of getting just one big meal. Their tuna was so good I just wish there was more 🙁 lol. Them tiny fancy portions kill me. Their drinks were really good too, I think I got some fruit mojito? And liked it a lot. Will def go back lol 

Price: $$

Before we went to eat we were walking around and there was a little plant shop?? I didn’t know there was one in the mall so I’m so excited to go back and buy some stuff lol. It was also my second time seeing a variegated monstera in real life lol So large and healthy looking too. Will definitely be getting the plant parenthood shirt when I go back.

The same day we had gone to The Living Coast wildlife center in Chula Vista. It’s a very small center that has rescued animals and I always forget that it’s there lol I totally forgot to take pictures on my phone and the shark plushie was literally the only one I took that day lmao I took pictures from this day on my minolta so when I process the film I’ll make a post but for now shark plush is the only one lol. Very happy bc I got to touch some bb sharks and stingrays. I think I’ve only touched a leopard shark and I remember it feeling like sandpaper, but the ones there felt like.. Canvas? Or some kind of fabric I can’t place. And the stingrays are always squishy lol Was the highlight of my day, can’t wait to get my film negatives to see the other pictures I took.

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