Travel Diaries: Joshua Tree

My first and last roadtrip of 2021! Drove to Joshua Tree for a few days to relax. And I also needed to use up the rest of my PTO since it doesn’t roll over into the next year so it worked out lol Not a whole lot goes on out there as you’d imagine. Tried to go into town to find a bar or something to kill time before check-in but we could literally only find one and it was closed lol. On our last night we found a little cafe-ish spot and it was cute but I wouldn’t go a second time.

The place was really cute and had a Japanese chofu wood-fired hot tub which took like 3 hours to heat up. We had to go into town to buy some wood but apparently they only sold it by the wheel barrel and not small bundles? Lol. My original plan for going was so that I could take some astro shots, but naturally my time off landed a couple days before a full moon AND it was cloudy TT rip lol. Was really hoping I could get to use my 16mm 1.4 but I’ll plan better next time. Overall it was worth the drive :>

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