Hii, posting from my new macbook! I placed the order for the new 16″ in Janurary and finally recieved it last week. I’m so excited to finally be able to edit things and not have to rely on my ipad for school stuff lol. Posting blog posts on my ipad was rough too (´A`。 Maybe I’ll share how I customize my macbook and ipad another time :> 

I’ve been wanting to try EM Cosmetics for such a long time now and finally just went all out a couple months ago and haven’t gotten around to talking about it. I actually genuinely really like everything I got. Her blushes are soooo creamy and the cosmic pearl shadows and highlight cushions are so so pretty. When I was transferring all my things to my new macbook I lost a lot of photos I had saved so I don’t have certain photos that I wanted to share, like the lip products and her daydream spf cushion. The cushion shades are supposed to be flexible for all skin tones but not sure how accurate that is. I got the shade gentle light and the undertone looks a little odd for me, too peachy I think? But I’ll keep trying it out and see if I can make it work. 

In order of how they appear:

>infinite lip cloud in morning mocha

>infinite lip cloud in faded clementine 

>true gloss in faded clementine

>lip cushion tinted lip luminizer in faded clementine

>soft blue velvet lip line in teddy

As we know I love my orange for the lips and blush so I had to get every product in faded clementine lmao. I think out of all of them the lip cushion is probable my favorite, its super soft and you can blend it out or build it up for more intensity.

>so soft blush in passion

>so soft blush in lychee

I really love her blush line. They’re super blendable and have such nice pigment. I think I eventually want to get all of the shades. Passion will def become one of my most used blushes, it’s like a blood orange? I don’t think I have a shade in my collection like it. And lychee is a really cute pinky watermelon color I enjoy it more than I thought I would since I don’t usually gravitate towards shades like that.

>cosmic pearl (foils?) in luna

>cosmic pearl in moonshine

>cosmic peal in wish

These shades are ridiculous. I’ve been using them in my inner corners but I think I’ll start using them all over the lid. If you use your brush it’s a very pretty light wash of color but applied with your fingers it get really intense and I love it lol

>moonbeam cushion highlighter in halo

>moonbeam cushion highlighter in aura

I think I was slightly underwhelmed by these. They’re very pretty when you’re doing a natural, dewy look for the day but outside of that, so far I’m not too sure. It pairs really well the spf cushion but when I used the moonbeam cushion to apply overtop it started lifting the product from the tinted spf 🙁 so I switched to my fingers to apply it instead which made me sad bc I actually like the way it applies more evenly with the cushion. I also don’t really like the packaging, it’s cute but excessively bulky, and one of them doesn’t shut all the way. I had only just opened it and couldn’t snap it back shut, so I’m hoping it shut enough so that it doesn’t dry out (_ _|||)

> heavens glow radiant veil blush in you guessed it, faded clementine

So far I think it’s a cute blush, a nice burnt orange shade. It looks a lot brighter applied than it does in the pan. I haven’t gotten around to using it as much being I’ve been using the passion cream blush nonstop instead lol. Overall I’m pretty happy with everything, the cream blushes definitely taking the #1 spot among them all lol. I have a lot I wanna share like new food places I’ve been and the games I’m playing, so I think I’ll just do one big life update info dump soon lol 


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