Del Mar: Van Gough Exhibit + Understory + Cucina Enoteca

Del Mar: Van Gough Exhibit + Understory + Cucina Enoteca

I bought some tickets to the Van Gough exhibit since it’ll be ending soon. I liked it a lot but I feel it was definitely overpriced lol. The first half is about his life and aspirations and the second half is a large room that projects his art and is constantly changing. The transitions were really neat and were very pretty when they used flowers from his paintings. I brought my Nikon f3 this day so I’m praying everything I shot comes out well ●︿● We finished everything a little earlier than expected and needed something to do since our dinner reservations weren’t until a couple hours later.

We ended up at Understory for some drinks. It’s right in the middle of this upstairs area with a bunch of little food places surrounding it. It kind of reminds me of Liberty Station’s public market area. When you sit at a tablet there’s a little QR code and you can order from any of the surrounding shops and they’ll bring it to you at the bar ≧◡≦ I forget from which place but we ordered some poke nachos and calamari. The nachos definitely needed more fish 🙁 it was disproportionate to the number of wonton chips there were lol. The calamari was calarmari. Nothin bad to say about it. The sauce they gave us to use with it was bbq sauce? Or tasted a lot like it which I thought was interesting. It went well together though. I really liked this place lol. Want to go back again when I have more time.

 Cucina Enoteca $$

 Later that evening I had booked a reservation for Cucina Enoteca. Originally I wanted to go there bc of their wine selection. I’m on the hunt for a good wine that I like and won’t give me a major headache. Their menu was a bit small but the food was good and they were super quick with bringing everything out. Our reservation was at 430 which is right when they reopen for the evening, so it wasn’t too busy at the time. The pasta was a bit too molto al dente for me though lol. But the lemon ricotta was they had with it was so good. The inside is really cute too. There are two sections on the inside, the first is what you initially walk into, which has a little bar area and a giant long table. They have a little curtain of stringed horses following the length of the stairs from the ceiling which apparently is supposed to be a small homage to the Del Mar race tracks. Apparently, the only way you can order from the happy hour menu is if you’re sitting in that section. The other section is more intimate with smaller tables with little cushions and pillows lined along the walls for seats instead of booths. It’s a little on the pricey side but overall it’s cute for a nice dinner date and would recommend going at least once.

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La Sonora Dinamita  // A Mover La Colita  


    • June 13, 2022 / 8:31 pm

      It was really interesting especially the end of the exhibit but the tickets are overpriced imo :<