Been busy with midterms and studying for finals but wanted to share a recent trip I haven’t gotten around to posting about. Last month I took a little mini vaca for spring break and headed an hour or so north to Fallbrook, and stayed at this cute lil airbnb with a barn door as the main entrance lol. It was cozy and super quiet, except when trying to sleep. Apparently the neighbors down the street have a bunch of peacocks that make insane noises at 2am? I woke up in a panic the first night because it was so loud and I didn’t know what it was at first lol. Had a rough time sleeping our stay there bc of that stupid bird. The paintings in the living room area also looked like titans running around and it was all I could think about whenever I looked at it lol. My main goal for the trip was to get some astro shots, since our previous trips there was either too much light pollution or there was a full moon so it was too bright but I FINALLY was able to get some shots that night. I hated how they came out just bc I feel like the composition is weird. There was no open space where trees or cable lines weren’t in the shot, so I had to settle and work with what I had :/ I think it came out decent for my first try but also hate it just because it’s not perfect and exactly what I want lol but next time for sure will be better. Ideally further out and in an open space where I can get a photo of the milky way. I think next trip will be Anza Borrego?

We went on a mission to go to a little zoo(?) if you could call it that. It was like a petting zoo but with a zebra lol. It took us almost an hour just to get there and it was only a 20 min drive from us. The main road was blocked off and we got sent back to do a full circle about to the back way where the only entrance was blocked off so we circled around for a while to find some other entrance and finally just called the place to see how people were getting there. They just told us to drive past the do not pass sign lol Apparently that was all we had to do and it was just there for funsies. It was annoying and I was ready to just drive back to the airbnb. But I’m glad we made it and got to touch some cute cows lol. We also spent some time in Temecula for wine tasting afterward (ใ……ยด ห˜ `) I might have said this before but I’m on a mission to find a wine that I really like. We ended up at Falkner winery and had the best charcuterie board with the best truffle cheese?? We had a couple charcuterie boards during our stay and I think this one might have been my favorite that I’ve had just in general. I just wish they had more meats ๐Ÿ™ then it would have been *chefs kiss* it was a fun little getaway weekend though.

I probably won’t be on again for the next couple of weeks until finals are over, so don’t forget to head over to my instagram to check out my photo dumps from my Fallbrook weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ AND ALSO, I just wanted to say I’m super excited for BTS’ comeback June 10. I can’t wait ๐Ÿ™ I was super depressed I didn’t get to see them when they were in Vegas, I was soooo close to buying a ticket and going by myself but decided to wait until their next tour. I have slight regrets but it’s fine, I just keep telling myself I’ve seen them twice already and am just being selfish TT Hopefully I can get good seats during the next preorder. I’m stressed just thinking about it (ื“ เพŠ ื“ ) I’m so proud of them and excited to see how far they go. Til next time!

ใ€Š โ–ธ ใ€‹c u r r e n t l y p l a y i n g :ย 

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