Hii. Just a little life update from this month. You might notice a few changes about my blog and it’s because I transferred my domain and am no longer on blogger! I’m a little sad bc bloggers the OG but it’s just not doing what I need it to do anymore and I was always having issues with simple things. I switched to WordPress and have this new theme for my site that’s very similar to my old one but a little different. I’m still gonna keep my blogger site active for memories but this is my primary one officially. I’m a little sad bc the resolution and post format on my old posts are a little funky since I imported all my content but that’s fine. I’m still learning how to navigate things and the posting format is way different from what I’m used to. There are just so many widgets and in-post widgets that I can use that I’ve never seen before. I feel like an old person learning how to use the internet lol. I’m also still not sure how to change photo size in post lol. But I think going forwards my content will be better :>

I also finally got around to getting a couple of tattoos that I’ve been wanting for years as a little birthday present to myself. I got the ouroboros snake tattooed around my knee and will be getting a portrait of Kyo from Dir en grey that was drawn by Junji Ito in a couple of weeks. The snake represents the nature of life, the cycle of destruction & rebirth etc. and it also is the name of one of my favorite albums by Dir en grey. I’ve also been wanting a portrait of Kyo since like middle school?? But finding a good portrait artist and a style I wanted was difficult. When I was at Barnes & Noble a while back I was looking through Junji Ito’s artbook Twisted Visions and saw 2 portraits of Kyo that he drew and my soul left my body I was so happy. (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ) I love Ito’s art so much and thinking about it it makes sense that Kyo would be his muse for this part of his art book him being the very avant-gard man he is lol.

The first of the two that I got done this month was the ouroboros. I went to Carlos @ Flying Panther Tattoo. He’s done most of my stuff and every new piece I get I always think “okay THIS one is my favorite lol.

My appt was at 1230 and after placing the stencil and stuff starting tattooing at 1ish and finished around 330? It was a tough piece I’m always so impressed with Carlos he truly is an amazing artist.

Everyone was saying how bad it was gonna hurt being on/near my knee (I don’t ever think the pain is that bad in general) and I think overall I’d give it a 1/5 on the pain-o-meter lol 1.5 max afterward when it gets wiped down, my least favorite part. Getting my septum pierced hurt more lol I’ll do an update on it when I get the junji tattoo since it’ll probably be mostly healed by then.

Also absolutely no one asked but since I talked about the album here are some of my favorite songs lol Also surprisingly Carlos knew who I was talking about when I mentioned why I was getting the snake. Apparently, his brother also likes Dir en grey, so you should too ´・ᴗ・`

Favorite songs~

  1. Vinushka
  2. Ware, Yami Tote ・・・
  3. Inconvenient Ideal
  4. Taguro
  5. GLASS SKIN & DOZING GREEN come in tied for me

Basically, the whole album but these are my favorites that I think are just iconic out of their discography.

I have finals next week so everyone keep me in their thoughts & prayers bc I’m not sure if I’ll pass my econ 303 class TT If I pass I only have to take one class next semester and I graduate. My moms already planning a birthday/graduation trip for us to go on and I’ll be so sad if we plan it and I end up being behind on my classes and my graduation date gets pushed back (´∩`。) stressed. Anyway that’s all from me for now :>

edit: okay I reaaaally like how much I’m able to do in-post. I’m able to add so much more and all the little widgets and stuff is so cool lol. A big upgrade from lil ole blogger.

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