Got my second tattoo this month as another birthday gift to myself hehe. My birthday was on the 15th but I ended up having to work all day. For the first time in years I went to a different artist, it felt like I was cheating :< I’ve been looking for a good anime tattoo artist but there aren’t as many here in San Diego. The one I originally wanted to go to rarely has his books open bc he’s so busy. I went to @nikkixjames at Yokai House bc my cousin happened to come across their ig and felt like he was the one lol. I actually really liked their shop. It’s cute and feels like you’re at a friends house, and they’re all lil otakus it’s amazing lol. It’s also the first time I’ve never heard kpop played casually that’s not in an asian store/market or outside of my home lol. I was dying bc they played Mirotic by TVXQ and Lies by BB and I was like (✧ω✧) it surprised me. The oldies lol And a lot of Jay Park and anime intros lol. I know I’ve mentioned in my previous post but I’ve been wanting a portrait tattoo of Kyo for over a decade and I’m sooooo stoked. I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better he nailed it. (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡

Right after we finished, he really just looks so good I’m so pleased ∩(︶▽︶)∩ I really felt bad for him bc it really issue much line work lol We spent a total of 4.5ish hours I think? Which I was expecting about 4-5 hours. Everyone kept asking if it was a tough spot to get tattoo and it didn’t really hurt more than any other places lol Felt about the same, it wasn’t too bad. Like I mentioned in my last post getting tattooed isn’t particularly painful for me regardless of the location (dips are the exception those are a bummer) but the wiping sucks lol. And also I usually never keep the tegaderm on, I usually take it off and shower right when I get home or the same night. I was really tired that day and didn’t take it off until night time the following day and it ended up really irritating my skin (last photo) and it stayed like that for about 5 days :< I know my skin and I kneeew I should have taken it off when I got home but I was lazy lol. It’s better now, I had to make sure I scrubbed off all the stickies which was annoying.

This was Junji’s inspo for his Kyo portrait. He wore it during some concerts but it’s also from Sukekiyo’s MV for 12時20分金輪際 . I love all his completely unhinged avant-garde looks he comes up with. One in the guys in the shop said it reminded him of the movie The Nun from The Conjuring universe lol And my friend said it reminded her of Lady Gaga? But that’s fine I love The Conjuring and Lady Gaga is chill so no complaints lmao.

On another note, I’ve also semi-successfully finished finals. I didn’t pass the one class I needed to, so now I have to retake in next month during summer. Was really looking forward to finally not having a summer/winter class for the first time but whatever. I’m mad at myself but I just really have no choice but to pass the summer course which I think is only 6 weeks. But I’m familiar with the prof. so I should be okay. I also developed my film last week and I think they’re soooo overexposed TT I’m so sad lol. I hope a few of them are decent, I won’t find out until I upload and edit on my laptop since I’m scanning digitally. Not actually scanning but just taking photos of the negs and uploading those but idk what to call that without it sounding funky lol. But just look at this mess (⇀‸↼‶) Tragic.

Fingers crossed for ONE good shot, I beg. Anyway, to tie things up I’m just gonna drop these cute pictures of Kaya I took the other day, enjoy ╰(*´︶`*)╯

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