casual life update 04 + CASA NORI

My last fall semester has finally started. I’ve been dreading it bc I knew one of the classes required group work which is horrible for me. And I’m still so bitter it’s on campus this semester. It’s an hour commute for me, I’ll be spending almost $200 a month on gas alone. Ridiculous. I don’t even know if my lil car can handing a full semester of back and forth like that :/ there’s def gonna be some absences lol

But before all that we decided to go on a mini road trip, there’s really nothing around san diego that’s not a ridiculous drive that’s not desert. So we ended up going to Palm Springs again. It was HOOOOOOT. We drove the back way, which took a little longer but it was more scenic. It was like a line we crossed where we just suddenly started to feel the heat lol (my ac is broken (╥_╥)) I was driving down this single lane windy ass mountain road and it was so dark so I was driving slower and there was and the car behind me was on my ass the entire time. I was still going 50! Which was still too fast for me lol I can’t really see well at night and forgot my glasses lol. But he finally passed me and honked at me, like wth. And then the other truck behind me was on my ass and it ended up being a UPS truck and he went and passed me too lol I’m no old lady when I’m driving but god damn they were flying down the mountain like how’re you even making those turns lol But anyway we mad it to the hotel alive so it worked out.

We went the weekend of Splash House and I debated if we should buy tickets but I’m so glad we didn’t. I would have been complaining the whole time lol. Mostly just hung out and ate. The one day I decided to go to the pool this old lady fell and busted a tooth so they made everyone leave the pool area lol. But it was fine bc the pool water was so hotttt. I was so excited expecting it to be nice and refreshing but the water was legit like 80 degrees, it was miserable.

I also went through a mini hair crisis in the last couple weeks. I thought I could bleach it myself and everything be okay.. Was wrong :< it actually didn’t turn out too bad, I did 2 bleaches since the first round wasn’t at all even and was still dark, then the second round my hair came out VERY yellow. I thought it was light enough to go grey, so I toned it and spoiler alert it was in fact not light enough (༎ຶ¬༎ຶ) it was such an ugly color after that. So I ended up just going to the place where I always get my hair done lol. It’s a little too red rn for my liking, I was thinking more orange. I go back in a couple months so I think I’m gonna ask if it’s possible to go lighter and more tangeriney orange.

Rounds 1 & 2, and then the horrendous muddy blonde green my toner turned it to below :c Horrendous lol

Here’s the inspo for the look that I was going for, she’s irisloveunicorns on youtube. I feel like what I have rn is pretty similar, but I guess I just didn’t realize how much red is in there, and its meh to me rn.

I’m not really used to seeing myself with it still lol. I’ve only ever gone blonde so any other color is still weird for me. But I don’t mind it. It’s def hair that I need to have my makeup done or else I feel it washes me out a little lol. But overall I think I like it? Went out this weekend and realized it looks way orange in natural light so idk I’m conflicted, it’s such a complex color lol.

But went to a new place yesterday called Casa Nori, its a little sushi place in eastlake and I liked it a lot. The drinks were STRONG. Like the bartender was out to get us strong. I got a tamarindo margarita which was fine, and then I got their chamango margarita and I swear it was just straight tequila lol. I could feel it in my stomach if I drank more I was gonna get sick lol No fun tipsy for me just sick lol. So I couldn’t finish it, but I like it a lot still. They also have a huge menu, I def wanna go back and try something else. Their yakisoba and fried rice looked really good.

On another note, I’m so disappointed in blackpinks comeback (◞‸◟;) YG did the girls dirty, AGAIN. The visuals are so stunning it’s such a waste to give them such a shitty song. It’s tolerable up until the ratatataaa part and then I have to skip lol I get they’re trying to give them that ~edgy~ vibe but ugh. But it is what it is. I think I might see them when they come to LA in November I think? I’ve also been listening to Chungha (I always have) but a lot more lately, and been listening to her old stuff. I love the house/vogueing type sound she always uses it suits her so well.

I’ve also finally installed Genshin on my MacBook today as a way to avoid doing school work. Idk how to use the keyboard/mouse it’s so hard. It’s like when I found out people actually play on their phone/ipad. It’s literally so hard, like how. I think I’m just gonna link my controller for when I’m home in bed and too lazy to set up my ps5 lol. But now I can just check in and do dailies rq when I’m at school bc it makes my phone so hot after a few minutes. The game is so massive now.

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