Travel Diaries: San Simeon + Big Sur + Monterey

It’s been some time since I’ve posted, got caught up in finals and got lazy. I have bunch of stuff that I’ve been wanting to share though, the first being the couple trips that I’ve gone on the past few months. The most notable being our little road trip up north to Monterey. Our trip was basically San Simeon > Big Sur > Monterey. The weather was perfect and the drive there was surprisingly easy? We didn’t catch any kind of traffic coming or going. I got a little sling bag from CalPak (in green) and it’s probably one of my favorite bags now. It’s so nifty lol and it fits my camera and giant 16mm lens perfects among other things. The only reason I hate taking that lens anywhere is because it’s so bulky and conspicuous so I end up opting for another lens or one of my film cameras. But so happy I got to use it this time around ᵔᴥᵔ

For planning this trip I used Notion to manage and organize our itinerary for the first time and I enjoyed it a lot. It’s both aesthetically pleasing and helps keep things in one place lol For anyone curious on what it looks like here it is below, there’s still a lot of little changes I want to make but I haven’t been motivated enough.

I was most excited to stay in Big Sur for this trip because I had another chance to take some astro shots. As usual I hated how they came out lol but gotta keep practicing. I think I’m fiddling with my camera settings less now when I’m out taking pictures so I’m quite proud about that. I got around to editing some photos from the trip and they came out decent if I do say so myself. I’m going to Valle de Guadalupe in May for one of my good friends birthday and I’m excited because I want to try editing my photos differently. I have a vision in mind and I’m hoping I can execute it how I’m imagining. Here’s a lil batch of photos I took and edited the other day. All were taken with my Sigma 16mm 1.4 except the a couple of them that were taken on my Sony 35mm 1.8. I didn’t noticed until after the trip but there was something on my Sony lens the whole time?? You can kinda see it on the top right of the second photo, like a little worm. I haven’t gotten around to investigating what it is bc it’s a hassle but at least it isn’t too noticeable.

I didn’t get to take pictures of all the food we ate (which was a lot) with my camera bc I always forgot but I do have some cruddy phone pictures of everything else lol. Mostly of Hearst Castle, which was our second stop after Slovang. For the life of me I cannot remember the names of anywhere that we ate at, I’m making a mental note to keep track of everything our next trip lol. But the whole time we just yelped whatever was around us. However one thing I do remember is Old Man’s Fishermen’s Grotto bc the clam chowder is *chefs kiss* was gonna buy some to take how but it wouldn’t be the same lol. Will be going back just for the chowder. And the server there was this funny old man that talked a lot lol.

I actually really enjoyed Monterey, I don’t think I’d mind living there. It’s low-key but still has nice busy spots too. This year I made a little promise to myself that we’d travel somewhere or have a mini road trip at least once a month this year and I think we’re doin pretty good so far. I think that’ll be all for now. I’ll probably do another life update post bc got a lot of other random stuff to share, also I have a 2022 empties post I need to make too 🙂

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