• December 2021 favorites

     Going to try and be consistent with my favorite posts this year. My New Year’s resolution was to be more consistent with my hobbies lol So photography, blogging, drawing, and gaming will no longer get neglected lol. For this month a few of these I’ve been using for a while and rediscovered towards the end of the year, and others I just started using and really enjoy.

    Starting off strong with the new natasha denona glam face palette she dropped this season. SO pretty. Her palettes are so expensive and sometimes I can’t really justify spending that much money on basic shades but I think it’s nice she added a row of neutrals to her face palette. Even labeled them for simplicity lol The blush and highlight feel super velvety, I wanna say it’s like a cream to powder finish but not quite. The shadows have the same quality as her others, I lovee her glitters. The 2 she added in this palette are *chefs kiss* I love the packaging, it has a large mirror and it’s magnetic so closing it is very satisfying lol I think this would make for a good travel palette :>

    Continuing on with cheek products I have a few of some blushes I’ve been using nonstop. Going from left to right: I’ve actually started using more of Tower 28’s products and their lip + cheek cream blush in golden hour was the first thing I’ve tried of theirs and it’s such a beautiful orangy color. I’m obsessed with orange blushes and am always on the look out for new ones so I’m stoked I noticed this one. Next is rare beauty’s liquid blush. This one was from a mini trio pack that they launched before the holidays that included bliss and 2 new ones, hope and peace. Hope has now been added to the regular collection but this shade below is still only bb size 🙁 and this trio isn’t in stock anymore so idk what I’m gonna do when I run out lol Genuinely so hurt hope was added but not peace. Last is this single orange blusher I got from yesstyle. This is a TRUE orange and I’m all for it lol I have no complaint’s about it.

    The nudegasm palette was released during the holidays and I think it was limited edition originally? But now it looks like it’s here to stay which is nice. The photo can’t really do it justice but the highlight is soo pretty and reflective. The first day I tried it someone commented on it lol The blush is really pretty too, it’s more of a topper for me though. I also haven’t done much with the sculpting bronzers yet but they’re def good contouring shades. 

    Another CT lol I know we’re all familiar with the flawless line but I had to make it known bc I finally hit pan! I really enjoy this powder. I use it for my tzone area and it just looks so nice when I apply it to my forehead lol I stopped baking underneath my eyes a while ago bc it felt cakey and I just felt like I creased more? So instead I’ve been using this to set my undereye area and it feels so much nicer.

    This past year I’ve been really into powder foundations and have been trying a bunch of different ones. I just feel a lot lighter wearing them versus liquid. I have a few that are my favorites so far and might make a post about them later on but the bare minerals pressed powder foundation needs some recognition lol It was hard finding my shade bc covid so I couldn’t swatch but ended it getting an almost exact match. 

    The no problem by touch in sol has been my go-to primer recently, this is actually my second bottle. I’ve also been trying out their icy sherbert primer and it feels cooling and has a blurring effect when you first apply it and then kind of loses it pizzazz. I’ll have to keep trying it and see.

    The morphe brow pencil is probably one of my favorites that I’ve tried. It’s pigmented and the dark brown is perfect. For whatever reason I have a hard time finding dark brown pencils that don’t have a weird red undertone. And then the shisedo spf stick I’ve been using for a while. I use it under my makeup and it’s not greasy and gives no white cast :> it’s expensive and so tiny for the price but it is nice.

    c u r r e n t l y p l a y i n g : 

    The Weeknd  // how do I make you love me  

  • The Fire Spot + Cutwater Spirits

    The Fire Spot:

     Price: $$

    This is now my new favorite place for kbbq in San Diego. I’m not sure when they opened but I hope they can have another location soon. It’s pretty small inside so we waited 1.5 hours before we were able to be seated :< Still 100% worth it. Their banchan is so good and their spicy miso pork belly is the best. And they have mushrooms!! We used to go to taegukgi a lot but they recently raised their prices I think? And I just feel overall fire spots meat is better quality. The only thing that’s missing is the soju selection tgg has and then it’d be perfect lol.


    Cutwater Spirits:

    Price: $$

    We frequent cutwater regularly lol The last time we went the charcuterie board wasn’t on their menu for that season so we finally got to try it this time. I like it a lot, their pork belly macaroni is also really good and my favorite but wasn’t on this specific menu this time lol


  • Travel Diaries: Joshua Tree

    My first and last roadtrip of 2021! Drove to Joshua Tree for a few days to relax. And I also needed to use up the rest of my PTO since it doesn’t roll over into the next year so it worked out lol Not a whole lot goes on out there as you’d imagine. Tried to go into town to find a bar or something to kill time before check-in but we could literally only find one and it was closed lol. On our last night we found a little cafe-ish spot and it was cute but I wouldn’t go a second time.

    The place was really cute and had a Japanese chofu wood-fired hot tub which took like 3 hours to heat up. We had to go into town to buy some wood but apparently they only sold it by the wheel barrel and not small bundles? Lol. My original plan for going was so that I could take some astro shots, but naturally my time off landed a couple days before a full moon AND it was cloudy TT rip lol. Was really hoping I could get to use my 16mm 1.4 but I’ll plan better next time. Overall it was worth the drive :>

  • 6 days of Christmas + Happy New Year!

    This year I thought it would be fun to have a Christmas sweater week and wear a different sweater each day leading up to xmas. I got all these second-hand on rag stock for cheap. Monday, Friday, and Saturday’s sweaters are the cutest :< I think I’ll continue this and make it a lil tradition. I think next year I’ll make it have some sort of theme.






    Saturday: XMAS!

    Spent the new year at home with my family while we drank a little wine and played some Mario Kart on my switch lol I suck 🙁 but still enjoy playing. I haven’t gone out for new years in soo long. I think I was asleep by 11? Lol. A few pictures from the night. Idk what kind of wine that was but it was really good. Tasted more like sangria? It gave me a headache after the first drink bc it was sweet lol Also my aunt made albondigas :>

    Last picture is Kaya when she’s smiling cos she was excited lol Thinking back on this year I’ve gone through so many changes and have really focused on rekindling the love for all my hobbies. I should be graduating fall 2022, so after that, I’ll have more time for myself :> Genuinely very excited for this year.


    c u r r e n t l y p l a y i n g : 

    Ariana Grande  // off the table  

  • Favorite OOTD for 2021

    Favorite OOTD for 2021

    I didn’t do a whole lot this year but these are a few of my favorite outfits that I think are cute :< Most things are from ASOS but I’m trying to be more conscious of what I’m buying. I finally got a large leather coat from Nordstrom rack that I’m in love with. She’s giving matrixxx

  • Savoie’s Italian Eatery+The Living Coast

    Savoie’s Italian Eatery+The Living Coast

    Tried out this place in Otay that I have been wanting to try for a while. It was poppin and playing reggaeton when I left AMC one night, so I had  made a mental not that I wanted to go to see what it was one day lol We had chose this place randomly and ended up being the restaurant by AMC that one night so It worked out well lol It’s so nice inside and I actually really liked their menu. We just got a bunch of different appetizers just to try everything instead of getting just one big meal. Their tuna was so good I just wish there was more 🙁 lol. Them tiny fancy portions kill me. Their drinks were really good too, I think I got some fruit mojito? And liked it a lot. Will def go back lol 

    Price: $$

    Before we went to eat we were walking around and there was a little plant shop?? I didn’t know there was one in the mall so I’m so excited to go back and buy some stuff lol. It was also my second time seeing a variegated monstera in real life lol So large and healthy looking too. Will definitely be getting the plant parenthood shirt when I go back.

    The same day we had gone to The Living Coast wildlife center in Chula Vista. It’s a very small center that has rescued animals and I always forget that it’s there lol I totally forgot to take pictures on my phone and the shark plushie was literally the only one I took that day lmao I took pictures from this day on my minolta so when I process the film I’ll make a post but for now shark plush is the only one lol. Very happy bc I got to touch some bb sharks and stingrays. I think I’ve only touched a leopard shark and I remember it feeling like sandpaper, but the ones there felt like.. Canvas? Or some kind of fabric I can’t place. And the stingrays are always squishy lol Was the highlight of my day, can’t wait to get my film negatives to see the other pictures I took.

    《 ▸ 》c u r r e n t l y p l a y i n g : 

    Groove theory  // tell me  

  • Karina’s Cantina + Liberty Station

    Karina’s Cantina + Liberty Station

    Went out to Gaslamp with the family for dinner the other week. I only knew of the small Karina’s places in Chula Vista and never knew they had more ~fancy~ locations lol They have a little upstairs area that I think might be for reservations? I think the one in Otay is similar as well. I got the Karina’s spicy ceviche and it was so good. I’m not usually a shrimp person either. It could have been a little spicier but it’s okay.

    On a separate day the fam and I went out to The Hot Spot Pottery in Liberty Station to paint some ceramics. They have a lot of random things for you to choose from, last time I was there I found a little dinosaur but no luck this time around 🙁 I ended up just going with the skull mug. Sad it came out so sloppy looking. Originally the teeth were supposed to be different but I had accidentally painted the middle so had to commit to the orange lol. When you’re done they keep it to glaze and set they paint and you just stop by the next day to pick everything up. The weather was also really nice this day. San Diego is finally cooling down. Exited to finally be able to wear some sweaters. It’ll only last a couple weeks probably so gotta enjoy it while we have it lol

      c u r r e n t l y p l a y i n g : 
    kali uchis  // fue mejor (feat. SZA)  

  • Food diaries: Morning Glory + Common Theory Public House

    Food diaries: Morning Glory + Common Theory Public House

    Fiiiinally was able to get into Morning Glory recently. I had never gone before since it’s in downtown and is always about a 2+ hour wait. We had gone short after they had open and the line was going down the street -.- it was an hour just to get put on the waiting list which is another 1-3 hours depending on when you get there lol it’s a very instagrammy place so it’s always packed. We had an hour to kill so we just walked down to the harbor and back. They actually had a very large menu and had more of a selection than I was expecting. We ordered their soufflé pancakes (bc that’s what they’re kinda known for allegedly.) and their eggs Benedict and French toast. It was about an hour before we got our food 🙁 The soufflé pancakes were really sweet and dense it was a little too much for me so I couldn’t finish it all. It was good but not my favorite. There wasn’t anything else about the rest of the food that stood out either, it just tasted like normal breakfast food. I think overall it has a really cute aesthetic and I think it would be fun with a group of friends where you just chat and have light food and mimosas but for our occasion it just wasn’t worth a three hour wait for us sadly. 
    Price: $$

    09/11 I went to Common Theory in Convey after work and I really like it. They have good light snacking food while you drink and hang out. We sat in the patio area and it has a really nice relaxing ambiance, and the dj was playing nujabes :’) We got their calamari and bbq chicken flatbread. I don’t usually go out of my way to eat bbq anything but they mixed korean chili paste with their bbq sauce and I think it’s up there as one of my favorites now lol. I went knowing I wouldn’t like any of their drinks since it’s mostly craft beer 🙁 I tried their convoy mule and it tasted like straight bourbon I almost died lol I was expecting more of the ginger soda taste since that’s usually stronger and was caught off guard at how strong it was lol I’m a weenie. I hope they’ll add more cocktails one day :/ It was a really nice Saturday for me overall, I’m happy I got to try a new place.

  • Mariscos + Balboa Park

    Mariscos + Balboa Park

    Was supposed to go to Ensenada yesterday to go on a wine tasting tour with some friends but I just felt so exhausted just thinking about it. It would have been an all day commitment and I wouldn’t be able to leave when I want lol I’m also not really a drinker so I would have been tired by like 11am. Instead I just spent some time with family and had brunch at this mariscos place in Chula Vista. I got the ahi tuna ceviche and for whatever reason took like 30 minutes longer than everyone else’s so I was the only one sitting there without any food for a while lol It was okay? It was really sweet bc they put mango in it but then the sauce was literally just soy sauce I think. So it was an odd flavor so I just separated the fish and ate it with some shrimp tostadas lol I also ordered their tamarindo margarita which was good but ended up switching with my aunt bc we liked each others better. 

    Price: $

    Later we ended up going to Balboa Park, we went back home first so that I could get my film camera and get some practice in. It was my first time taking my Minolta out and was also my first time changing out a roll lol I had to YouTube bc I forgot how to do it :/ I think sometime this week I’m gonna develop my film and get my negatives so that I can digitally scan them in with my a6600. A little nervous to see how they turn out bc I’ll need to get a good camera mount and bright even light source to put the negative over. There’s some on Amazon that are decently priced that are used for tracing but I’m not sure how well the negatives will turn up with it. I want to get the 35mm setup from negative supply but it’s so expensive ;^;  maybe I’ll invest I’ll give it more thought when I get my negatives. I’m also thinking about selling my canon t5 since I haven’t used it in like 6 years? Lol it’s too bulky and I prefer sonys layout more I think. I’m not sure if I should sell my canon lenses as well? I’m not sure if they’re worth getting an adapter for them to use for my Sony since they might not work as smoothly. I really want to get the 10-18mm f4 Sony lens but it’s like $700.  Hobbies are so expensive, I just want to be happy lol. Even if I get a cheapie set up I’ll still be paying 100+ and at that point I should just invest in the real thing. Idk we’ll see. 

    But anyway we walked around balboa park and I was able to get in some decent shots I hope? It was 94 degrees out no clouds and I was able to get a little tan lol I tan really easily but I hate being outside so I’m always pale these days lol here’s some pictures from my camera that day and some from the botanical garden. They had a variegated monstera!! The closest I’ve ever been to one irl lol  it took all I had not to just pluck it and run. Once again something else I want that’s incredibly expensive -_- it’s like $500+ for a single cutting. 

  • Food diaries: Cardellino restaurant

    Food diaries: Cardellino restaurant
    My cousin and I tried this little Italian spot in Mission Hills and it was actually very cute. Their waitresses described it as a very hip Americanized Italian place lol I had gotten some cantaloupe mixed drink which was okay? It came with a little melon on a stick but I don’t like frozen fruit so I gave it to my cousin lol Mostly everything on the menu is made from scratch so the pizza bread was so good. I was really excited for their focaccia bread, which was very good but also just tasted like regular sourdough bread to me 🙁 wasn’t the kind of focaccia I was expecting but was good for what it was. I also got the funghi pizza (panna, mozzarella, roasted mushrooms, soft garlic, ricotta, thyme, pecorino) and I think my cousin got the lamb sausage & rapini. For desert we got ricotta zepolle with lemon and powdered sugar. They really just tasted like funnel cake in a donut hole form but a little bit more dense lol
    Price: $$

    Also had to throw in a lil ootd lol