Lets Talk Tattoos

So whenever I go out especially to parties and such one thing I ALWAYS get asked about is my tattoos. To start I only have three. My friend and I have matching cat tattoos (this was my first tattoo, it was as unplanned and spontaneous as a tattoo gets) mines on my forearm hers is on her rib cage. You can see my lil kitten in most my pictures :3

The second tattoo I got I kinda went big and got the Ganesh– the remover of obstacles. I’ve been wanting it for ages and I’m only one session away from actually finishing it all it needs is color and I’m super super pleased with it so far.

The third tattoo I got on Friday the 13th for $30. It’s a diamond rose thing? Not quite sure but it’s on my wrist super sick. No, I did not plan it out I just went in picked it out from a flash set and called it a night.
I don’t believe that every tattoo you get should have some super deep meaning about life or your struggles, nor should you take crap from anyone that says otherwise. At first I was a little apprehensive about getting my wrist tattoo somewhere so visible. A lot of people still don’t take those with tattoos as seriously as they should and that sucks. I hope one day in the future I’ll be able to walk into work and not have to hide my own body because it offends other people and I think it’d be sick to be a part of the generation that helped break down that barrier :>

THE PAIN: I actually have a high pain tolerance, so so far the tattoos I have gotten haven’t really bothered me. I’ve seen some of my friends get them and their reactions are different. Apparently your ribs hurt a lot. Another friend of mine got a bb tattoo on the center of her back and I guess it hurt her a lot and she was upset because it told her the back doesn’t hurt lol whoops. It feels like what it is, a needle going into your skin. It can sting after a while but it’s nothing too crazy. Although I don’t necessarily enjoy it once it gets in between my shoulder blades. 
 Annnnd my most recent Friday the 13th tattoo ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ It’s a little bb tattoo that didn’t take too long but surprisingly it’s still healing. Once I can touch it and not feel that I’ve had anything there then I know it’s healed :3

So there it is! Every one of my tattoos I’ve gotten from LAST DAYS TATTOO in Ocean Beach. If you’re in San Diego I’d deeeefinatily check it out! My cat and the ganesh were both done by Tieken and my rose by Nathan. Hit them up!! They’re super professional and the shop is as sick as it gets.